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Venezuelan cuatro player

Leo Rondon

Cuatriste vénézuélien

Leo Rondon

Cuatrista venezolano

Leo Rondon

Leo Rondón | Biography

He plays cuatro, guitar, mandoline, tiple, double bass and is a composer. He took the 3rd place in “La Siembra del Cuatro” in 2007, the 2nd place in “La Siembre del Cuatro” in 2012 and in 2011 the 2nd place in “El Silbón” and “San Martín”. After teaching cuatro soloist, music theory and doble bass at Merida School of Music (2003 – 2007), he has been an arranger of the “Orquesta Típica Merideña” (a venezuelan orchestra), a cuatro and doble bass player at the String Ensamble at the University of Los Andes and an arranger and composer for the “5 Numerao” ensamble. Since 2013 he is living in Paris.

During the summer in France, with a group of venezuelan musicians he develops a summer academy of Venezuelan Music. He has played in important halls and festivals in Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands and Morocco as a soloist or accompanying important musicians such as  Cristobal Soto, Ricardo Sandoval, Alexis Cardenas, Huascar Barradas, Luis Julio Toro, José Antonio Naranjo, Orlando Moret, Cecilia Todd, etc. He is currently living in France. He plays a Cuatro tailored made by the French Luthier Mathias Caron. www.lutheriecaron.fr.


Leo Rondón Project

Leo Rondón Project is a personal quest. This is the space that allows him to develop his musical projects like compositions and  arrangements for both recording and live performances. In this project, he plays the cuatro in company of Marius Pibarot (double bass) and several invited musicians from all around the world.



A project to share my experience.

Waraira Quartet

Waraira Quartet is a Venezuelan music project based in Paris. Their music starts from the traditional roots but converts to a more contemporary sound since they are influenced by jazz, classical music, manouche and bossa nova. Violin and Oboe are instruments that are usually in classical music, that’s why they profit of their “classical” sound and technique to develop their traditional melodies and rhythms in a modern way. The Cuatro and Double Bass keep a more traditional playing but mixing their rhythm and melodies with jazz. Their musical proposal is a journey through the different regions of Venezuela, during this musical trip the public can discover the multiculturality of Venezuela in a new music proposition. These musical aspects gives Waraira Quartet a special sound. Waraira Quartet has played in France, Germany and Italy where they made two concerts at the Expo Milano 2015.

Venezuelan traditional and contemporary music.

Association Sonar

The Association Sonar aims at  teaching and diffusing  the  Venezuelan music in France. Cristobal Soto, a Venezuelan mandolinist and a man how  has dedicated his life to  music,  proposes  an all level course, the first of its kind in Europe, for students comming from differents countries interested on individual practice and also on venezuelan traditional music ensemble, coached by professional venezuelan musicians who live in Europe and in Venezuela. Leo Rondón integrates this team since 2011 and teaches cuatro, guitar, double bass and composition.

Cultivating Venezuelan music in other lands.

Other Projects

Leo Rondón works also with associations that are related or have as a main goal the interchange between Europe and Latin America. This is the case of SINAYU, an association which aims to exchange cultural  elements between France and Venezuela and through the project « contrapunteo » Leo Rondón will participate in several concerts with Waraira Quartet as well as a soloist in the masterpiece of  Venezuelan composer Paul Desenne called « El Reto », and the masterpiece of French composer François Rossé called « Allongé sur le divin » . This pieces  will be performed  in Crolle, France, in 2017 and 2018.

Working together to spread our music arround the globe.


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